Integrated Video & Film

  • Integrated Network Custom Video with professional production and creative
  • Custom Video for release Over the Top (OTT) - iTunes, Amazon On Demand
  • Custom Brand Video
  • Social Media Video Shorts - with Foodable research and data
  • Social Media Campaign Video
  • Broadcast Commercials
  • Feature Films

Integrated Editorial

  • Editorial Features
  • Top 25 Restaurant Rankings
  • Custom Q&A
  • Chef Q&A Series
  • Leadership Series
  • Product Features
  • Editors Choice Awards
  • Recipe Guides
  • Chef Expose’s
  • Chef Alliance Round Tables
  • Custom Interactive Guides
  • Custom Reports & Research
  • Access to Foodable Labs Research

Custom Production

Build your own TV show or feature film for release or on demand video, and Over the Top (OTT) distribution under Foodable Network. Have a documentary or show idea? We are the solution to get your distribution to main stream media!

Current shows on the network

Custom Documentaries


The documentary highlights the concepts that are revolutionizing the industry, while changing the way America eats. The evolution of the fast casual segment is a true David vs. Goliath story. In the documentary, this story will unfold in a cinematic fashion that has never been seen in food media before. The future of farming, human health, and cultivation of culinary arts are at stake and fast casual may well be the savior of our industry.

The way America eats is changing. We want better options. We want better ingredients. We want better sourcing. We want better experiences. We want food with a story — and we want it fast. The last four decades of fast food is fading and now we're making room for a new culture of good food: fast casual. What is fast casual? Follow Paul Barron, the pioneer who coined the term "fast casual" in 1993, in this documentary that has been 10 years in the making and dig into the stories of the iconic leaders and game-changers who are transforming the movement of our restaurants and the future of our food.

Custom Research

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  • Custom Research by topic, demographic, & behavior
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Mobile engagement
  • Cross Competitive Analysis (Brands and Suppliers)
  • Influencer indexing and engagement
  • Product feasibility studies
  • Product awareness measurement
  • Price Perception analysis
  • Measuring over 200 social metrics

Event Coverage & Media Stage

  • Event video coverage with host and stand-up interviews
  • Event media stage - Foodable Network Media Stage placed at your event with a Red Carpet and interview option for guests and partners.
  • Media stage and hosted content
  • Landing pages and custom websites
  • Targeted outreach for event promotion
  • Cross-Competitor targeted marketing