Multi-Platform Distribution

Website & Social

  • 23MM Video Views Annually
  • 5.1MM Unique Visits Annually
  • 700+ Episodes Released Annually
  • Custom Story Development
  • Custom Short Video Ad Development
  • Link Back to Editorial Features From Your Ads

Targeted Distribution & On Demand (OTT)

Many people recognize programatic as a bad word in advertising and we agree! Foodable takes an entirely new approach to “Targeted Distribution” which uses many of the principals of programatic but with an approach that is more targeted to fit each clients needs.

  • Target Over 23MM Foodservice Professionals
  • Target Over 64MM Food Enthusiasts
  • Over 500 White Listed Publishers
  • Demographic and Geographic Targeting
  • Cross-Competitive Targeting
  • Behavior Targeting
  • Key Word / Phrase Targeting
  • Conversion Tracking
  • KPI’s That Matter
  • Social Media Integration